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Travel with author Karen Barbee, as she journeys through life, telling stories and writing books. Barbee grew up on a Montana farm, where life had many adventures, including a pet deer named Dew Drop. Later, as the mom of a figure skater, Barbee learned to navigate the ins and outs of figure skating. As an event and wedding coordinator, she created special events and great birthday parties! Big Sky Country is the setting of all her books, even Dew Drop makes an appearance in several of them. The author has cleverly integrated her passions in all her writings, and readers will enjoy her creativity and stories. Bunkhouse Barbee Productions has a lot to offer. Peruse the website to see for yourself. Enjoy!

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Excellent for Pre-K to 2nd grade!

I can’t wait to start enjoying this book!

Wendy in Columbus, MT

I have not read the whole book-obviously, I want a rainy day and some tea, or a snowy one with some coffee, so I can stay in bed and get acquainted with the people, places, history, food and pictures!

Beth Degenhart Koch in Billings, MT

This wonderful book, The 406 Table, took me back to what it means to grow up on a farm in Montana. It evoked so many nostalgic memories of places and heartwarming family mealtimes. The spectacular pictures and stories are so inspiring and impressive. I truly enjoyed the amazing variety of experiences waiting with every turn of the page. I am so excited to try the recipes, and share this beautifully written resource with my family and friends!


Nancy Ruud-Cole in Billings, MT

You want to go have a date with it. You want to go and sit with it and enjoy it page by page. This book is timeless. There is no shelf-life on this book. Every page is as good as the last one, never a disappointment. It’s delicious and so creative!


Brigitte in Billings, MT

The book is nothing like I expected! It is so much more than I thought! There is so much to it, the book will be so perfect to give as gifts, especially at Christmas!

Sandy Fox in Billings, MT

Very awesome Karen! Looking forward to reading the whole book!

Janelle Rafaele