Author Bio

Author Karen R. Barbee, has an extensive background in the area of hospitality. Whether she was planning meals for friends and family or creating breath taking events, one thing was for sure, they were always memorable! As a busy events coordinator, Karen’s reputation for “It’s all in the details,” made her business Events, I Do, popular for clients who desired unique and extra special details. She has a well-rounded career, including 32 years in the hospitality industry, along with a passion for interior decorating and home staging.  Clients, friends and family are the celebrities who benefited from Karen’s gift of hospitality and her expertise as a hostess or event/party planner.

As an author, she shares her love of Montana, cherished farm stories from her childhood, coveted recipes, historical information of Montana, and photos that showcase it all. Readers will delight in the author’s inside information about some of her most favorite parties and events. Karen’s creativity is surpassed by her enthusiasm to ensure everyone feels like family, make little moments a big deal, and celebrate life right down to the last detail.