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For ages young adult and up.
Book size 9×6 inches, 440 pages



Dreamer, Skater, Goal Maker!

On Thin Ice, is a captivating story of Paisley Renee’ Stewart or “P.R.” as she is affectionately known. She is a one-girl-campaign advertisement for figure skating and Montana—the state she calls home. Raised on a family farm by her single mother Carrie, and doting grandparents, Paisley’s adventures both on and off the ice, have more twists and turns than her skating routines.

The rural Montana setting, while beautiful, presents a host of skating limitations. Financial struggles, jealous competitors, and limited training time are just a few of the issues P.R. and her family have to contend with. Her mother balances work, a mountain of debt, and her daughter’s skating aspirations—not to mention the annoying attention of Guy Lambert—a local wealthy farmer. Financially exhausted, Carrie is determined to keep P.R. on the ice. Eventually, she finds a way to “roll” with it and pursue a lofty dream of her own.

As a latecomer to the sport, P.R. is determined to become a senior level skater, by her senior year in high school. Her skating future was bright until an injury left her wondering if it was over. P.R.’s road to recovery takes the skater down an unusual healing path. Unconventional methods of treating her injury inspire an unlikely meeting with Anjel Mairee, a Native American woman, who becomes a guiding force in Paisley’s uncertain future.

On Thin Ice, is a fascinating read, weaving drama, humor, and heartbreak, within its pages. The spellbinding story is rich with pivotal moments that take you on a roller coaster ride with unpredictable events. Each turn of the page will have you cheering for the characters and their small town girl with big skating dreams from the Big Sky Country of Montana. Expect to laugh, cry, and be Paisley’s number one fan! This sweet and compelling story is a must-read whether you are a figure skater, skating fan, or simply a believer in the power of a dream, you will love it!

For ages young adult and up.
Book size 9×6 inches, 440 pages

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  1. Sherry Velarde

    This book, On Thin Ice, well I can sum it up in one word…DELIGHTFUL! I enjoyed it so much, I couldn’t wait to turn another page to see what was happening next! I enjoyed it so much, I think it should be made into a movie!

  2. Michelle Brochu

    Loved the book! I was engaged from the first page to the last. I was living her journey with her!

  3. Terri McMillan

    Truly delightful book that quickly engages the reader and quickly builds to that “can’t put down point.” The author vividly portrays each character, immediately capturing the reader who finds themselves immersed in what happens to the colorful people in the story while also attached in an emotional way to them. The profound sense of family, friends and community transform this enjoyable read into a thought provoking book, especially given the interesting twist of incorporating genealogy as a contributing aspect of the story. Set in Montana, the author’s knowledge of the area an added element that enhance the storyline.

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